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Alon Pereg

I am an airline captain, and a pilot for forty years.

The plan I formulated is based on my experience as a pilot and on the assistance I gave to many on their way to defeat the fear of flight.


My Story

Flight is a complicated thing, and the flight introduces us to different events. I have also encountered situations that go beyond routine, such as emergency landing because of smoke on the way, but the quality of the system that includes the plane, environment, and pilots is so high that I believe that flying in passenger aircraft is the safest way to get around.

In almost every flight that I fly, I meet people who are afraid to fly. This is completely natural since at least one-sixth of the world's population (and there is a claim that every third person is one) is afraid of flying in a way that harms their quality of life.

Over the years, I have helped many overcome fear and enjoy the possibilities that flight gives, whether on holiday, for work and even some who began to enjoy the flight.

Helping the people that are scared of flying involves two of my passions: being with people and flying.

That's what I'm doing: helping those who are fed up with the fear of flight.
Here on my site, and on the Facebook page, you will find valuable information. If you wish, you can also join the program.

Fear is healthy and natural. Anyone who knows how to control fear so as not to harm the quality of his life will make a big profit.

About me: I started flying in 1978, happily married to Iffat, father of five daughters, grandfather of three granddaughters, learns to play piano, loves cooking, eating, traveling and loves to fly.

Let's Talk

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