What is Checklist For?

The pilots have to follow many procedures in order to perform the flight securely. As I wrote in another article (click here to read) the safety of flight is above all other concerns and any method that supports this goal is adopted. While all of these procedures are done by heart, we use checklists in order to verify that all the crucial actions have been done.

What is a Checklist and How it’s Performed?

A Checklist contains a list of questions (sometimes also called challenges) and responses.

Checklists are ordered according to the phase of flight, starting from Preflight Checklist, ending with Shutdown and secure checklists. The questions are read by one pilot and responded by the other. The pilot that reads the questions also verifies that the response is correct.

Checklist used in the cockpit
Not forgetting = Checklisting

Checklists are always done by reading and never by heart. Traditionally checklists were read from paper, the modern aircraft are equipped with Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that contains the checklists. Using EFB is more efficient since it is connected to the aircraft’s systems and can ‘answer’ automatically to the checklist questions.

Should I use it in life?

In order no to forget important things, you only have to remember one thing: read a checklist. So if it’s so good for flight, why not use it in other areas in life?

Think about Before Leaving the House Checklist (windows: locked, lights: off, dog/cat: fed, keys: taken). I use such checklists in many cases.

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