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Part 1: July 24th, 18:00 Europe/ 17:00 UK / 12:00 US EST / 09:00 US PAC – in Hebrew

Part 2: July 26th, 18:00 Europe/ 17:00 UK / 12:00 US EST / 09:00 US PAC – in Hebrew

I will open English courses pending number of participants

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Want to know more about Cabin Pressurization?

Wherever you are, you can always attend my Flight without Fear program and overcome your fear of flight.

The Flight without Fear web program is based on the following:

  1. Two webinar sessions of 2:30 – 3:00 hours each, in which we will cover all the relevant aspects of aviation, including learning about the Fear of Flight, aircraft design, the safety concepts that make aviation so safe, and concluding with tips and techniques. For a more detailed list of webinar topics see below.
  2. A personal meeting with me, to address your personal concerns and  get answers to your questions (will be done via web conference)
  3. An app for your mobile device (iPhone and Android) with audio and video clips that you can use on board the plane.
  4. Ongoing support via phone and messages, before your flights.


Webinar Topics:

Normally the first two topics will be covered in the first session, the other topics will be addressed on the second session.

  1. Fear of Flight basics: we will get to understand the fear, identify the factors that affect it, understand the vicious circle that amplifies the fear and set the basis for defeating the fear.
  2. Airline Aviation [Part 1]: we will start with understanding how the aircraft is flying, continue with learning how the entire airline aviation is built and understand why it’s so safe to fly.
  3. Airline Aviation [Part 2]: In this webinar, we will understand the aircraft’s systems, learn what are the noises and other things that we feel during flight and will discuss the weather including the ‘Air Pockets’.
  4. Walk through the Flight: we will discuss each part of the flight, explain what we see, hear and feel at each phase and will be familiar with the details that otherwise may be scary.
  5. Design of an aircraft: we will understand what makes an airliner so safe and what are the capabilities of a modern aircraft
  6. Tips, Techniques, and Summary of the course.
March 2018 - Intro Webinar
March 2018 – Intro Webinar

Each of the Webinars will include an opportunity for the attendees to ask questions, according to the time.

* note: according to the progress of the session and questions from the attendees this session may take some more time.


The price of the entire program, including the webinars, personal meeting, app and ongoing support is $390

Paymeny will be done via PayPal after your registration form is received.

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