The number of people who suffer from Fear of Flying is enormous, and the people who totally avoid flying or experience physical and psychological symptoms, are actually wasting their lives instead of profiting from the safest transportation means that exists. Fearless flight is their goal!

While the reasons behind Fear of Flying are various and vary from one person to another, the expression of the fear, its intensity and the total experience are highly affected by the lack of knowledge.

A passenger that seats inside an aircraft experiences many inputs like noises, accelerations, vibrations and smells and doesn’t have enough knowledge to determine what is the influence of these inputs on the safety of the flight.

Fearless Flight Seminar

If, for example, a minute after lift-off, the engines seem to slow and the aircraft seems to stop climbing or even descending, a passenger may interpret this as a fatal event that will lead to an accident. However, if this passenger knows that in order to abate the noise in the vicinity of the airport such a reduction in the engine power is mandatory and expectable then that person can anticipate the change in the sound of the engines and avoid that fear.

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power and this power allows us to control the situation.

In the Fearless Flight Program, we do exactly this. While acknowledging the fear, we get enough knowledge that allows us to fully understand the inputs during flight and to create a good experience.

Fearless Flight Program:

  1. A seminar that lasts 5-6 hours in which the pertinent information is learned and discussed.
  2. One on one meeting over the web with an experienced airline pilot in order to help the participant to better understand the topics that were discussed in the seminar, as well as to address specific questions that the participant may have.
  3. An app on a mobile device with audio clips that help in remembering the main topics and helps in relaxing in flight (the English version will be available in few months)
  4. Ongoing support via email and/or text messages

Our Fearless Flight Program has already helped many people to overcome this fear and enjoy the benefits of flying. Our success rate is over 90% and many of them are not only capable to overcome the flight but actually enjoy flying.

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Get ready for takeoff!