Fear of Flight: A common phenomenon, 1 in 3 Americans is afraid to fly

Fear of flying is such a widespread phenomenon that it can even be called an epidemic.
There are articles, such as this one that claims that one in three Americans is afraid to fly significantly.

It is epidemic also in the sense that it can be transferred from a parent to a child or between friends.

The range between “enjoying flying” and “not flying at all” has three main populations that can be characterized as those who fear of flying harms their quality of life:

Fear of flying can be expressed in many ways and various intensity levels
Fear of flying can be expressed in many ways and various intensity levels

What is really amazing is the proportion of people in the population who fall into three categories:

According to various studies, between ten and thirty-three percent of the population is afraid of flying in a way that harms their quality of life. Whether they completely avoid flying for recreation, work and rest or whether their flight is accompanied by dramas and panic attacks

The impact on these people’s lives is almost always dramatic. It can be as ‘small’ as making the start of the vacation a nightmare (and also the last days before the flight back) but may grow up to creating tension in the family, harm the ability to develop in your work, or prevent you from meeting your loved ones. I’ve seen examples of all of the above.

My experience in working with these people, they all can move, at least to the ‘Green’ section above. The route causes for these ears can be very different from each other and their expression in each individual is unique, but what they all have in common is that their fears are boosted by lack of knowledge.  You sit in an aircraft, hear some noise, feel a weird movement and you don’t know if it’s a normal thing or the first sign of a catastrophic event…

There is a solution! Fear of flying is not a heavenly decree, and since flying is a very safe way of traveling, you should learn to fly without fear.

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